Abitur at Lauenburgische Gelehrtenschule Ratzeburg

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During my time at school I had the opportunity to meet other people that shared my interest in computers.

At school we started a computer working group where we met after school to tinker. This group was self-managed and while teachers were often happy to support us we came up with our goals and activities by ourselves.

Computer workgroup

In addition to lasting friendships this group achieved:

This was noticed by our teachers who praised our commitment: Teilnahme an der Computer-AG der Lauenburgischen Gelehrtenschule


In scope of the computer workgroup Jakob participated in the buildup of the school-internal wifi and internet cafe and maintained these for several years. This was helpful to countless students and teachers. During that time Jakob also took care to pass on his knowledge to younger students.


A recurring project of our working group was the RoboCup Junior, an international robotics competition. We managed to partake for several years. Schüler gewinnen 2. Platz beim RoboCup

Additional projects

Other projects that our group participated in included: