B. Sc. Computer Science at University of Leipzig

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I’ve studied computer science at the University of Leipzig and took some time to finish my bachelor’s degree. Several aspects played into this: Taking on a student assistant position at a local Max Planck Institute certainly helped prolong the process, but so did my

Among other things I got the chance to do this:


For my bachelors I designed and implemented carbon-adf and wrote a corresponding thesis.

The theses gives an overview over Dung argumentation frameworks as well as variations of the concept. Along with that I explore the case for Haskell as a server side programming language for a web application. The theses also documents the design of carbon-adf, and explores embedding abstract dialectical frameworks [project] [pdf] in a wiki context by making use of diamond-adf.

Toy cpu

As part of a practical training I had the opportunity to write a small toy CPU featuring 16 opcodes as well as interrupts using VHDL.

Functional programming

At university I found joy in functional programming and with Haskell in particular. This had a sizeable influence on aspects of code that I would desire and appreciate in later projects such as immutability and purity.