Senior Software Engineer at AG, TeamShirts

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In recognition of my contributions I was promoted to senior software engineer at TeamShirts.

Screenshot from 2022-05-13 of the about-us page

In the following I’d like to highlight some developments and contributions.


Additionally to my frontend focused work this role introduced a stronger focus on team support and consulting. I found particular joy in mentoring junior developers. The DevOps related work I got involved in previously continued and expanded in scope. I also spent some time investigating and improving site reliability and performance. Occasionally I would deal with security related issues as well.

Team support and consulting

An aspect of my work that I feel strongly about is supporting the team.

I found joy in solving problems with my peers and enabling them to progress with their tasks. It felt rewarding to be helpful to the team and exposed me to a broader spectrum of problems than my immediate tasks alone.

I’m convinced that some of my best work with the most immediate and lasting effect was in collaboration and consulting with my peers.

In addition to team internal collaboration I was regularly part of cross department efforts such as:

On several occasions I supported team development by:

In this role I was also frequently involved in hiring, onboarding and the mentoring of junior developers. I found particular joy in mentoring - in the process of thinking through something together and in how questions often allowed me to restructure my thoughts and see the status quo differently. Bluntly: There seem to be few things like a fresh pair of eyes to find improvements to the status quo - it’s a joy and a privilege to support people in this.

I was frequently involved with diagnosing and fixing production issues. In addition to that I was also given agency and resources to improve the status quo.

Illustration of handling DevOps related issues from 2017-05-03

In scope of my work regarding this topic I made the following contributions:

Site reliability and performance

Supporting software in production means to me that I have an interest in continually seeking improvements to it. The use of monitoring technologies was frequently helpful here.

Where possible I like to measure a problem first to confirm that it indeed happens as suspected. This protects the investment of my time and is a helpful support when discussing problem priority. In addition this approach makes it possible to measure improvements and notice regressions.

Initiatives related to this topic include:

I’ve been interested in some aspects of IT security privately. Every now and then I would use some unstructured time between tasks to check for suspected security issues.

The majority of my hunches didn’t reveal any problems, but I was happy to try and make some checks that potential mistakes were not made.

For example I checked the names of product drafts for possible script injections:

Screenshot from 2021-05-26 of some test products I had created

Over the years I was happy to identify different security issues and aid in understanding and fixing them. Issues included broken authorization schemes, cross-site scripting, outdated software and bad certificates.

In addition to my personal interests this job also allowed me to collaborate with both internal and external pentesters to discover and fix security issues.