Hello World

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As promised ~3 years back when restarting a blog/website on github pages my writing has been quite infrequent. It seems to be time for another restart of the project.

A hard choice: 'restart website project again' or 'write content'

It seems to some extend that I’m more interested in how to set up a website than to actually use it. Despite that I still feel a need to have a personal site, and so I decided that this should be the current iteration of it.

The previous iteration was hosted on runjak.github.io using GitHub pages and Gatsby as static site generator. This iteration uses Next.js and is hosted with Vercel.

Here’s the last hello world post from 2018-06-10:

After ~8 years without a blog I got the feeling that it could be interesting to give blogging another go.

I used to write rather infrequently, so I guess that will happen again. Still there are a handful of things I’d like to write down.

I should start a blog